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Titre du blog : Duhomard apéritif
Auteur : duhomard
Date de création : 28-06-2009
posté le 29-06-2009 à 16:06:00

the taste


A selection of grape must, various natural ingredients and spices. The famous concoction is obtained after a long and complex steeping in alcohol and wine.



 It can charm the connoisseur’s palate by its intriguing contrast- powerful and mild, warm and refreshing, bitter and sweet.

The intense bouquet gives off subtle hint of aromatic plants such as gentian and quinquina, carried along by the rich orange aroma and citrus tone all balanced by a delicate bitterness en fin de bouche.

 Duhomard reveals its entire flavour when served cold or with ice. It can be enjoyed neat with a slice of orange, lemon or lime.