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Selling Points

You can find our products mostly in the western France, les Deux-Sèvres region.

We sell it in medium sized and large companies or cellerman.



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the story

After the WWI, Armand Chary, a commercial traveller working in western France, wanted to create a friendship group in order to forget the tragic events and to think about a better future. In 1920 he organized a banquet to gather the local commercial travellers together. Thus was born the banquet of Massais which would grow until the 80’s.


During a fishing competition in 1923, Emile Diacre, from Thouars had fished a lobster (“homard” in French) normally only found in the ocean, from the Argenton river. The outstanding “homard of Massais” became famous and the press took hold of this strange story - was the lobster really in the river or had another competitor placed it there as a joke?


In view of this story’s notoriety, Emile Diacre decided to create an aperitif which would become the banquet’s emblem. At this time the quinquina was highly regarded so Diacre mixed it with various ingredients and let them soak. He tested the mixture until he arrived at a tonic drink which reflected the dynamism of the banquet’s members.





1. Jacray  le 10-07-2013 à 08:55:22

Émile Diacre is my grandfather. I confirm that the story of quinquina Duhomard is true


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